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The Art of Michael Felix Gilfedder

My work, mystery and reason, is inspired by Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman, particularly his idea of a University. "I say a University taken in its bare idea, and before we view it as an instrument of the Church, has this object and this mission; it contemplates neither moral impression nor mechanical production; its function is intellectual culture; here it may leave its scholars and it has done its work when it has done as much as this. It educate the intellect to reason well in all matters, to reach out towards truth, and grasp it." Another quote from the 'Idea of a University' is an indicator to my imagery, in that the Creator is implicated in all that we see and are. "One in whose hands are all things, who has a purpose in every event, and a standard for every deed, and thus has relations of his own towards the subject-matter of each particular science which the book of knowledge unfolds; who has with an adorable, never ceasing energy implica…

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