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An Gorta Mór

This is my submission to Saint Mary of the Assumption church in Abercrombie Street, Glasgow, for 'An Gorta Mór', (the great Irish famine) monument competition. I put forward a Catholic concept of a living memorial, one in which the Irish victims of the famine are brought back into our lives through a spirituality of intercession, that is, by our prayers for them, and ask them to intercede for us, whether they are in heaven or purgatory. Ask them that their intercession help us to receive the grace to show hospitality to refugees, as they once were themselves, and for us all to show a profound respect not only for the natural world of our planet, but to remember that the human person has a nature as well, needing to be nurtured from the moment of conception to natural death. The fact that Ireland is dangerously close to the edge of plunging into another tragedy with the attempt of the establishment to repeal the 8th Amendment lends weight, I think, to the idea of a living monum…

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